This Community is to help people in #hungry as well. We heard a few old people feel ashamed to ask their next-door neighbour for #help. We thought this community forum can solve by encouraging #hungry people to raise their hand. We are aware a lot of older people, and homeless will not have access to internet devices to post their message. Maybe a volunteer can post on behalf of needy people.

Guest: Whoever feeling #hungry and need help please use hashtag #hungry along with your message. You can use username: guest & password: guest to quickly post. Please select a location and enter your contact, people around you can contact and take care of you.

The world is full of kind people, it’s your responsibility to ask. Please, Never go #hungry again.

Volunteer: please contact before you reach out to a person in need of help. don’t go alone to strangers place. Always good to meet at a public place, there will be always a person who likes to exploit the kindness. Make your safety as the topmost priority, Always take your buddy along with you.

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